Draco Galaxy S4 Bumper Case Review

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S4, and you want to corner protection without covering your phone with ugly flip covers, then the $99.9 Draco Hydra bumper case is what you have been looking for. Samsung plastic phones are not normally known for good looks, but with this sleek, aluminum case, you can make your S4 look hotter than ever.

Draco Galaxy S4 Bumper Case Review

The new Hydra case is an officially licensed Ducati product and is available in black, silver and red. I got the red one as it looks great on my black GS4. The red case has black accents which remind of black rubber on a sports car.

Draco Samsung Galaxy S4 Bumper Case Review

List Price: $99.99
Price: $78.99 & FREE Shipping.
You Save: $21.00 (21%)

The case has two pieces that are held with two (special) screws. It comes with a screwdriver and 2x extra screws.

Draco designs Galaxy S4 Bumper Case Review

There are two holes on its bottom right that can be used for attaching a lanyard (not included). There is an opening on the top for the headphone jack.

Draco Galaxy S4 Bumper Case Review

Its inner linings has rubber bits to protect the S4 in a drop. It also helps in keeping the plastic case from getting scratched up. I have been using this case from 1 month now and there are no scratches on my S4’s chrome.

Thanks to the lip on front and back, the case prevents both from getting scratched.

Draco Galaxy S4 Bumper Case Review

Verdict – The Hydra case from Draco makes the Galaxy S4 feels more rigid and unique. You get a 3M Ducati sticker too, which is a must have in case you do own a Ducati or a die hard Ducati-fan. Do I regret spending $99 on it? Nope. Is it overpriced? Yes.

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