Download vanilla Android 4.3 for HTC One

HTC is on the verge of releasing Android 4.3 for the HTC One, but it will be a bloated one, which means it will come pre loaded with HTC Sense bloated UI and usual unwanted HTC stuff. Fortunately, thanks to XDA, there are myriad ROMs that give you vanilla stock android experience. Heck, there are some that are pre rooted, deodexed! Now, there is one that is vanilla + Android 4.3 = just what the doctor ordered!

Features of this ROM.

-JWR66Y.H1 Base
-Fully Deodexed
-Stock GE Kernel with init.d (Best performance and battery)
-APM with screenshot
-Team Nocturnal Settings (Statusbar customizations
-build.prop tweaks
-Map long press home for menu
-All system apps zipaligned for better ram optimization
-Zipaligned on every boot
-Debloted (Deleted Google Apps which can be installed via Playstore)
-Fast and Clean (Buttery Smooth)
-Exchange Security Disabled
-Some AOSP goodies: Calculator, Browser, cLock and more
-Pie Controls
-XThemeEngine themes
-Mms with extra options including Emoji support
-System Tweaks
-Performance Enhanced Tweaks
-Better RAM Optimization Tweaks
-Fantastic battery life
-Sound Enhancements
-and endless/countless customizations

You can download the ROM from here. Requisites before you install the ROM.

-Must be unlocked with custom recovery (I use TWRP)
-Change CID to Super or Google if you want the Google Keyboard to work correctly (AOSP Keyboard is there just in case)
-Recommend a clean wipe unless coming from another deodex GE ROM