Download Note 4 Launcher, Side softkey, settings and other Apps on Galaxy S4

XDA members have finally been able to port the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to the S4. This includes Galaxy Note 4 side softkey, settings, launcher, wallpaper picker, ultra power save mode, lockscreen, S-finder, flip board brief, S-planner, European accuweather widget and S-reminder.

For these Galaxy Note 4 applications you will require TouchWiz 4.4.4

1. Note 4 Side Softkey

Download Note 4 Launcher, Side softkey,  settings and other Apps on Galaxy S4

1. Download and unpack my zip from here –>
2. Put EasySideKey.apk im system/app and set correct permissions.
3. Put xml in my zip in system/etc/permissions and set correct permissions.
4. Reboot
5. Go to settings/display/one-handed operation/Side Key
(If you not found it install Note 4 settings)
6. Enjoy Side Key of Note 4

2. Note 4 Settings

Download –>…ngs_Albe95.rar
Unpack and replace in system/priv-app (set correct permissions). Then reboot.

3. Wallpaper Picker

Download –>…icker_Note.apk
Put in system/priv-app (set correct permissions) and delete old SecWallpaperPicker. Then reboot.

4. Note 4 Touchwiz Launcher

download Note 4 Touchwiz Launcher

Download –>…uchWizHome.apk
Put in system/priv-app (set correct permissions) and delete old SecLancher3. Then reboot.

5. Note 4 UPSM (Ultra Power Save)

1. Download from here xperiacle module.
2. Install as a normal apk
3. Enable it in Xposed and reboot
4. Open it from the drawer and choose "newer kitkat ROM" ( I test both and with the older I face more Force Close)
5. Click on "Proceed" and give it Root access
6. Tap on Reboot now (if not work make a full reboot manually)
7. Open your Filemanager and go to system/app
8. Here delete EmergencyLauncher, EmergencyModeService and EmergencyProvider
9. Download my Emergency Note 4 rar
10. Put my 3 apk inside the rar in system/app and set correct permissions
11. Reboot and open Note 3 Upsm mod from the drawer
12. Choose UPSM ON/OFF
13. Accept the Samsung Terms and condition
14. IMPORTANT: If like me you’ve double tap to sleep module (or some other that change the action with a double tap on statusbar) disable it from xposed and make a soft reboot.
15. Then re-open from the drawer Note 3 UPSM and re-choose Upsm ON/OFF
16. On the popup choose Enable and enjoy Note 4 Upsm
17. To disable it double tab on status bar and a popup for deactivate will shown.

6. Download Note 4 Lockscreen: Put in System/priv-app and set correct permissions. Then reboot.

7. Note 4 S Finder – download link

8. Fliboard Brief (New Magazine) – download link

9. Note 4 S Planner

Download Note 4 S Planner – Unpack rar and put apk in system folder. Remember to delete old SPlanner or SecCalendar_Spen (S5 or S4 version).

10. Note 4 European Accuweather Widget

Download —>…
Install via recovery and be sure to clean cache and data from titanium backup before put widget on homescreen.

11. Note 4 S Reminder

note 4 s reminder app download

Download –>

For following Note 4 applications you need to be on TouchWiz 4.4.2 or higher

1. Note 4 S Browser

Download link

2. Note 4 Accuweather Widget

Download link

3. Note 4 S Voice

Download –>…d_phone(2).apk
This should fix "no voice bug" in S Voice.

4. Note 4 S Health

Download and install via recovery. If you don’t have a custom recovery:
1. First of all, uninstall previous version of S Health and Health Service and reboot
2. Unpack the zip
3. Put Health Service in system/app (and set correct permissions)
4. Install S Health as a normal apk
5. Put libPlatform in system/lib (and set correct permissions)
6. Reboot
7. If you have installed from recovery and you face crash when open S Health clear cache and data and delete apk with titanium backup. Then install apk from my zip manually.

5. Note 4 Smart Remote download link

6. Note 4 Geo News (full transparent) download link

7. Note 4 Galaxy Apps Widget (full transparent) download link

Note 4 Task Manager download link

Samsung Gear Manager download link

Snapbiz Card download link

All Together download link

S Memo download link

Story Album download link

Easy Chart for S Note download link