Download Galaxy S7 official ringtones: download S7 over the horizon ringtone

You can now download official ringtones of the Samsung Galaxy S7. This file contains both stock notifications and ringtones along with user interface of the Galaxy S7. These Galaxy S7 official ringtones have been extracted from the stock ROM.

Download Galaxy S7 official ringtones

The new over the horizon s7 ringtone is horrible. It is so bad we do not have words for it. You will have to download the entire Samsung Galaxy S7 official ringtones from the link given below to hear. It is so gross that your ears will start bleeding.

Same can be said about the rest of the ringtones like On the Stage, Fresh Morning and Tomorrow. It appears as if Samsung fired all the people who used to make ringtones for them. The best set of ringtones was last seen on Galaxy S3 which had best Over the Horizon ringtone. It is sad that Samsung shipped with these atrocious set of official ringtones on their 2016 flagship smartphone.