Difference between Intel Z390 and Z370 chipset

A new filtration would confirm the few differences between the current chipset Z370, and Intel’s new top-end chipset, the Z390 chipset, which would hit the market simultaneously with the launch of the upcoming Coffee Lake-R processors, whose latest rumors they place it during the next month of October of this year 2018.

Intel Z390 vs Z370 chipset

The arrival of the new Intel Core Coffee Lake-R processors, as a refreshment to the current generation of processors with Coffee Lake-S core, has become a continuous trickle of leaks and rumors. Something that is easily understandable, given the great expectation that these new processors are generating, the first of Intel that will equip eight cores under its IHS, at least for high ranges.

Along with the arrival of the new processors, the new Z390 chipset would also arrive, which would become the new top of the range for these two generations of processors, which will coexist. But the data we have of this new chipset speak rather of a rejuvenation of the current chipset Z370, rather than a completely new chipset, by Intel, since the changes that have been made have been really minimal.

Since the Z370 chipset was launched, Intel has also released the B360, H310 and H370 chipsets for the desktop market. And, although for specifications purposes are lower chipsets, in other respects they are more modern than the Intel Z370. With the Z390, Intel will update its current Z370, giving it those new features that have come with the new chipsets, but little else. The most important characteristics are not going to modify at all.

In short, the new Z390 chipset will include the support for a network card WiFi AC integrated into the chipset itself, along with support for 6 USB 3.0 ports for 2nd Generation, which previous add 10 USB 3.0 ports 1st Generation that already had this chipset.

And, although initially it was assumed that the new chipset would be manufactured in the 14 nm node, Intel has decided to continue using the 22 nm node to manufacture it, just as the Z370 is manufactured, adding everything previously mentioned, plus a new engine Management Engine(which already comes to version 12, the same as that of the most recent chipsets of the manufacturer). Basically, the Z390 chipset is a rehash of the current Z370 chipset.