Corsair K83 wireless keyboard review–wireless keyboard for Steam Link, control your SmartTV or play the console or smartphone

Corsair has just presented its new Corsair K83 wireless keyboard, designed to control all the entertainment of the home, comfortably sitting in the living room of our house. And is that this new model of the brand, makes the compatibility with different entertainment devices, one of its main advantages. Because this wireless keyboard is not only compatible with the use of personal computers. It is also with the use of devices for streaming video, SmartTV or mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Corsair K83 Wireless Keyboard Review

The new Corsair K83 wireless keyboard has been designed in such a way that it does not detract from its surroundings. Therefore, its exterior design is made with a brushed aluminum plate, which gives a touch of distinction, be in the environment that is. It also has lighting for its keys, so that it is easy to read them, if we want to use the keyboard in a room with low lighting, such as the living room of a house. This lighting, unlike gaming keyboards, is white, and its intensity is quite smooth.

The keys of the Corsair K83 employ low profile scissor switches. These keys have been developed to be ergonomic for the user, and perfectly valid for both playing with the keyboard and writing with it. In this regard, the wireless keyboard has a powerful AES 128-bit encryption, so that if the data connection of this one is intercepted, it is very complex to decipher what is being done with it.

Corsair K83

One of the main disadvantages of wireless keyboards (and all wireless devices, in general) is the battery life. In the case of the K83, this model has an internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which provides an autonomy of up to 40 hours in operation (with the light off, because if you have it on, the autonomy goes down until 18 o’clock ). Battery that can be recharged, while we are using the keyboard for whatever we want, whether it is playing, chatting, etc.

In any case, the most important point of this new Corsair wireless keyboard is the more than extensive compatibility with which the manufacturer has been able to equip it.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the wireless keyboard is compatible with Windows devices, MacOS, desktop computers, media player for audio and video streaming, SmartTV and mobile devices that use Android or iOS operating systems. The keyboard also supports its use with the Microsoft Xbox One console, now that it already supports the use of wireless keyboards and mice.

One of the features of the K83 is the use of a circular touchpad on its right side, along with that of an analog joystick. This joystick is designed to be handled just like the analog control of a console, which will allow us to play with the K83 keyboard. While the touchpad allows the control of different functions (that the user can configure at will), allowing the use of up to 4 fingers simultaneously in the touchpad.

The price of the Corsair K83 wireless keyboard will be $99 when it hits the market.