Convert MP4 to AVI for DVD Player

MP4 is currently the most popular video format and is playable on almost every media device out there, except for the DVD player that can only handle AVI format. So, while you can easily the MP4 file on Android, iPhone, windows phone, windows computer or Mac, you will not be able to play it on the DVD player. In order to play on DVD player, one must convert the file to AVI format that is natively playable.

Convert MP4 to AVI

While there are tons of video conversion software out there, the best and easiest one is Movavi video converter that makes conversion from mp4 to avi a breeze. The software makes use of some of the most advanced algorithms that reduce the conversion time in a big way. Moreover, if your desktop or laptop has hardware encoding or Nvidia CUDA support, encoding will be done even faster.

To use it, download it from the Movavi’s official website and install it on the computer. Both Macs and PCs are supported. Installation is simple and takes only couple of minutes.

After you have installed it, start it up. Since we have to convert MP4 to AVI, we will click on “Add Video” button. You can add all of your MP4 files at once since the Movavi video converter support batch video conversion. After that, click on the drop down menu located beside the “Convert To” label. From there, select AVI present for conversion. In this case, we suggest selecting AVI HD 720p for maintaining optimum video quality and size.

In the next step, specify the destination where you want the converted files to be stored. If you don’t enter any, default location will be used which is same as the input folder. Now, it is time to press the “Convert” button that will start the conversion process.

Once the conversion is completed, the output folder will open that contains all the converted files. You can now burn them to your DVD drive.

The Movavi video converter also lets you convert between various video formats. For instance, if you want to convert from MP4 to MOV or vice-versa, you can do it by selecting MOV format in the “Convert To” option. In a similar way, audio and image file conversion is also possible. Just select “Add Audio” or “Add Image” instead of “Add Video” in the first step; select appropriate codec and click on Convert to start the conversion.