Change Moto X boot animations and starting logo, download few for free

If you do not like the boot animation of your Motorola Moto X, you can easily change it. Same goes for the logo – if you do not like it, you can change it easily. The only requirement is that you need a rooted Moto X which fortunately can done easily.

moto x boot animation

Installation instruction for changing Moto X boot animation are given below:

1. Download the file from here and rename it to
2. Copy to /system/media/
3. Set permissions to root:root and rw-r-r
4. Reboot.

Instructions for changing logo are:

1. Download and rename to logo.bin
2. Reboot to bootloader.
3. Run "fastboot flash logo logo.bin" (No quotes)
4. Reboot

That is it – you can enjoy and install custom bootscreen and logo on your Moto X.