Boom Audio Shell True Wireless Earbuds review

Not everyone has the money to buy expensive bluetooth earbuds like Apple Airpods or Samsung Galaxy buds.

Boom Audio Shell True Wireless Earbuds review

That’s why you are a lot of Chinese companies like Oppo, Xiaomi and OnePlus trying to make share of low end market. Boom is also such company and all of its earbuds including Boom Audio Shell true wireless are cheaper than what Huawei, Oppo and OnePlus are offering.

Boom Audio Shell bluetooth earbuds are three times cheaper than OnePlus earbuds and nearly 7x cheaper than Airpods and Galaxy Buds+. However, we can’t recommend you to buy Boom Audio Shell and reason is simple, they don’t work as they are supposed to.

Don’t get us wrong. We would love to see a cheaper alternative to OnePlus, something that you can take for jogging or to gym without caring if it would break. Boom Audio Shell looks good on paper as well, everything from packaging to feature-set, Boom checks all boxes.

Boom Audio Shell Earbuds review

The issue is – Boom Audio Shell bluetooth earbuds don’t work properly as bluetooth earbuds. When connected to my Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, I could hear audio from only one earpiece. I was like, well that’s strange. So, I unpaired Boom Audio Shell from bluetooth devices list and re-paired it with my Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Same issue. Sound was coming from only left earpiece.

I then paired with my newly bought Samsung Galaxy A7 android tablet, which is an excellent tablet for media consumption. Here, I faced a different issue – audio cracked but now sound was coming from both earpieces of Boom Audio Shell. Believe me, Galaxy A7 tablet is not the culprit here as Galaxy Buds+ and even the cheapo Zebronics headset works just fine.

Audio was cracking when listening to YouTube, Amazon Music and Prime Video. No matter what I did, I simply couldn’t resolve this issue. May be a firmware update is what is required.

Boom Audio Shell True Earbuds review

Anyway, I really liked use of USB-C port instead of micro USB because that’s what you usually find in most of cheap, entry level bluetooth earbuds. A charging cable is also included in box but I preferred to use my charger instead.

Battery life should be decent but since audio experience was so atrocious that I didn’t bother to check if it is good or not. Case is also home to battery which charges your Boom Audio Shell earbuds everytime you put them in case – just like Galaxy Buds and Airpods by Apple.

Build quality is better than expected. Rings around the Boom Audio Shell earbuds have ring LEDs which flash red and blue when being paired.

I wish I could recommend Boom Audio Shell but we don’t do fake reviews here at mytechpartner.