Autodesk Instant, a Group Mobile Messaging App Launched by Autodesk

Software company behind AutoCad and Sketchbook has released Autodesk Instant, a group messaging application. Autodesk Instant is designed to be used in work environments and make it easy to communicate with a team at the same time.


Key highlights of Autodesk Instant

Create work groups for projects, teams, or social occasions
Share messages, photos, video, and location
Seamlessly communicate with coworkers who don’t have the app installed
Call coworkers directly from the app
Company townhall where you can message everyone in your organization

Autodesk has currently launched it on Android and iOS platforms. Users will be able send text messages, photos, videos, and even their location to other users. Also if a particular user signs up with a work email address then he / she will automatically be added to that company’s group.