AUO panel will bring 144K 4K screens to laptops

144K 4K screens auo panel

The manufacturer of panels for monitors and laptops (among many other types) AUO (AU Optronics Corp.) has just presented a new panel for laptops, characterized by its high resolution of 4K and its high refresh rate of 144 Hz. In this way, it becomes the only manufacturer with this type of panel in its catalog.

Until now, the vast majority of laptops on the market, either had a screen with high resolution, or had a screen with a high refresh rate. This meant that gaming laptops were in a clear situation of inferiority with respect to the monitors that can be obtained for the desktop computer market, where both characteristics can be achieved at very attractive prices for the consumer. In fact, there are quite a few users of portable gaming that choose to connect their computers to this type of monitors.

But, now, AUO has just presented its new 17.3-inch panel, aimed at the market of high performance gaming laptops. This new panel combines a matrix with a resolution UHD 4K, with a vertical refresh rate of the image of 144 Hz, being the first in the world with these features. Equipped with very narrow screen frames, only 4 mm, it also has the lighting technology from the edge of the screen, which qualifies it as HDR 600 panel and a response time of only 3 ms pixels.

Without leaving the environment of laptops, AUO has also presented another matrix, this time smaller, 15.6 inches, also with 4K resolution and LTPS technology, which will be the first screen for laptops, worldwide, that will use this technology. This matrix manufacturing technology allows panels to achieve higher resolution and higher refresh rates per pixel. So far, this technology was used mainly in the manufacture of LCD panels for the mobile terminal industry.

This new technology will allow a greater quality in the illumination of the screen, counting with up to 240 zones of darkening of the screen, being also significantly cheaper to manufacture than the current micro LED. This new panel of AUO complies with the standards of the VESA specification for HDR 1000, achieving a very bright image, where the details will not be lost mixed with the rest of the colors.