ASUS M32 Specifications, desktop with Nvidia / AMD Graphics

Most of us go for Cyberpower or Razer if we are looking for a gaming PC, but now Asus has a desktop PC with Nvidia or AMD add-in graphics that should easily give those brands a run for their money. The new comer is Asus M32 which while is not over powered does have all the ingredients to play almost any PC game out there.

Asus M32 Specifications

It comes with an Intel Core i7 processor and add in graphics card from Nvidia or AMD. Asus has not mentioned details about its RAM, storage and price though, however it has mentioned that it features:

Sonic Master audio technology
6 in 1 memory card reader
Asus Ai charger that charges your mobile devices 50 percent faster than normal USB ports


The company will be bundling 32 gigabytes of free web storage for 3 years.