Android 4.4 ‘Kitkat’ for X86 based PCs

Originally developed for smartphones, Android has subsequently been extended to the tablet. So far the platform of choice is still the same ARM, except that Intel has been working for a few years with Google to optimize the operating system of the green robot for Intel Atom processor.

Android 4.4 Kitkat for X86 based PCs

A team of independent developers for years has been working on an Android version which is fully compatible with x86 processors, both AMD that Intel . At last there is an announcement that the latest version of Android 4.4.2 x86 compatible KitKat has become a release candidate  a sign that development is now well under way.

Among the various additional features designed just for use on devices such as laptops or computers, there is support for HD video playback within the app , thanks to a better integration of FFMPEG, a comprehensive software suite to record, convert and play audio and video , the libraries OpenGL ES capable of exploiting the capabilities of hardware acceleration by graphics subsystems found in Intel and AMD processors (with the exception of the old Atom with PowerVR GPU), and support for more hardware including several modules and WiFi Bluetooth, audio systems, cameras and multi-touch input devices.