AICP KitKat Android 4.4.2 ROM for LG G2 now available for download

AICP is a project that started with the HTC Desire HD and now has evolved into a bigger project. It is now available for many phones including the LG G2 which is the company’s yesteryear’s flagship model.

Here are the features of the AICP KitKat Android 4.4.2 ROM for LG G2

AOKP features
TRDS Dark switch
Lockscsreen Notifications
Active Display
Wakelock blocker
System app Remover
Lockecreen color theming
Lockscreen blur, gestures etc

Smart Phone Call
On-The-Go mode
DSP Manager
Mock SMS
App Circle sidebar
Floating window with multitasking
Add new API and people lookup settings (thanks to Xiao-Long Chen)
2G, LTE and Network state toggles
Location toggle enhancements
Status Bar Color, Time and Data Actions
Contextual notification header
Audio Themes (You’ll need to create /sdcard/SoundPacks folder and place soundpack zips there)
LockScreen: allow long-press actions from hardware keys
MediaScanner behavior on boot
SIM Card management
Chamber of Secrets
Camera: Powerkey Shutter
Power connect/disconnect notification support
Bring in Music toggle from ICJ42
Mirroring Layout on RTL languages
OmniSwitch fixes
Hang off call by power button while screen is on
frameworks_av patches and fixes
SleepToggle: add longClick to bring up Power menu
DownloadManager: add support pause/resume/stop notifications
More Keyguard colors
More Lockscreen colors
App sidebar: floating window
New audio effects added
Active Display code fix-ups and improvements
Proper quiet hours + Battery LED fix
Add a timer to screen record
Add 1dp for navbar height
Gallery2 fixes and updates, zillions of them
Set expanded desktop through profiles
SlimRecents scaling and lefty mode
Menu and dialog box transparancies
Merge back into single kitkat branch
Quite Hours fixes
Blacklist provider permissions
Lockscreen blur enhancements
Fix Notification transparency after reboot
And many many other fixes and enhancements.

To install it you must be on a pure (not modded) 4.4.2 modem. Since there are no Gapps in it, you should get them from here.