Galaxy Note 2: Trident Aegis Review

So, I bite the bullet and purchased the Trident Aegis case. I am not too happy with the case. I was expecting to find two separate pieces of soft silicon layer and a hard PVC shell. The one for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has two layers that are combined into one and the result is not good – it does not have a hard ‘feel’ to it, which is why I question its ability to absorb any kind of shock in case my phone falls.

Trident Aegis Review galaxy note 2

The Trident Aegis for Note 2 might be liked by those who like thin case, but not by those who like to protect their expensive toys. Another thing that I did not like about the case are the dust covers for the charging port and headphone jack. They are mere ‘plugs’ and do not cover the ports completely.

Galaxy Note 2 reviewTrident Aegis Review

You can take the case on and off quickly and without much force. There is a lip around the display and thus, you can place your Galaxy Note 2 face down on a surface without worrying of it getting scratched.

Galaxy Note 2 Trident Aegis Review

Verdict – The Trident Aegis is a stylish case but personally I was expecting it to be a little more protective.