Galaxy Note 2 Three UK Plans, Price

Folks at Three UK have made it official that they will be offering the new galaxy note N7100 very soon. In fact, they will be the first to offer it among the UK network providers. Considering how nice Three’s S3 plans were with unlimited data, I am looking forward to what they can do for the Note 2. Update – We now have information about its pricing and plans.

Galaxy Note 2 Three UK Here is the quote from their website:
Sylvia Chind, Head of Devices at Three said, “Following the success of the Samsung Galaxy Note, we’re delighted to add the Samsung Galaxy Note II to our range. Perfect for those who love their tech and with an array of intuitive features as seen on the Galaxy S III, this smartphone provides the efficiency of a tablet in the palm of your hand giving users the best experience on Three.”

1) Ultimate Internet 500: 69 GBP upfront; 34 GBP per month; 24 month contract
2) One Plan: 69 GBP upfront; 36 GBP per month; 24 month contract
3) Without contract: It is also possible to purchase it without contract for 500 pounds.