Galaxy Note 2: Spigen SGP Hardbook Review

Spigen SGP offers quite a lot of cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Folks at runaroundtech have done a review of the SGP Hardbook case, which resembles the official flip cover for Galaxy Note 2 but has few differences.

Spigen SGP Hardbook Review galaxy note 2

First, the Spigen Hardbok case also protects the back. The phone sits with the battery cover on. This increases the overall thickness though.

There is a small pocket too that allows you to store business and credit cards.

galaxy note 2 Spigen SGP Hardbook Review

Spigen SGP case for the Galaxy Note 2 also allows you to use it as a stand, which makes it ideal for someone that watches a lot of videos on the go. Check out Galaxy Note 8.0 flip case review and pictures.

The case has cutouts for stylus’ silo, speaker. However, a cutout for speakerphone is missing which is a dealbreaker for me, which is why I still recommend using the official cover that is now available in many colorful colors too.  The case retails for $37.

You can read the full review at runaroundtech.