Galaxy Note 2: Grey or White

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is up for pre-order in various countries and many are unable to decide whether to go for white color or the new Titanium Grey (nope, no black color this time). So, here are my thoughts on it (they might help you decide).

grey-white-samsung-galaxy-note 2 

1) If you have owned a white phone (I own a white Galaxy Note and S3) before, I really suggest you to go for the new grey as it stands out from the crowd.
2) If you want to look professional at work place, grey is the color to go.
3) My white Galaxy Note with flip got dirty quick and believe me, I am not a messy person. The dirt stands out big time.
4) White is the one to go if you are into show off. You will catch a lot of attention by girls with your white Note 2 in ear while drinking Red Bull.
5) My friend, who owns a blue Galaxy S3 often associates white phones with women.
6) My other friend, on the contrary, finds the white more elegant as it does not shows fingerprints easily.