Play PUBG at 240 FPS on 240 Hz displays

NVIDIA explains how to configure PUBG to play 240 FPS. Until a while ago, gaming monitors had refresh rates of up to 144 Hz, but those 144 Hz have long since been forgotten and today almost all high- end gaming monitors have frequencies of 240 Hz.

Play PUBG at 240 FPS

How to play PUBG at 240 FPS on 240 Hz displays?

This type of screens is oriented to hardcore gaming, with games like CS: GO or Playerunknow’s Battlegrounds. NVIDIA has now published a video explaining how we should configure its graphics cards to be able to play PUBG at 240 FPS, in tune with the 240 Hz monitors, and the competitive advantages that this implies.

According to NVIDIA, in order to play PUBG at 240 FPS we will need a high-end gaming PC, starting with a GeForce RTX 2070 or higher graphics card and a high-end processor such as the Core i9-9900K.

It is true that having 240 stable FPS in this game will depend not only on the PC, but also on the situation and the rest of the players around us, but in any case, let’s see what the manufacturer suggests.

From the beginning, NVIDIA warns that in order to have this rate of frames per second in PUBG we will need to make some sacrifices, such as lowering the effects of explosions, shadows or anti aliasing, but taking into account that in this game the Most users lower the graphic settings to a minimum because this eliminates thickets and other stage effects that allow you to see your enemies better, it doesn’t seem to be very important, right?

Here are the NVIDIA recommended steps to reach 240 stable FPS in-game:

* Set the screen resolution to 1920 x 1080 (Full HD), making sure it is running at its maximum refresh rate.
* In-game, you need to set the rendering scale to 90 and use the following graphic settings:

* Now, in the NVIDIA Control Panel we must go to the section “Control 3D settings” and select the “Program settings” tab.
* There we must look for Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds in the drop-down list.
* We must activate the «Image Sharpening» function with the default settings.
* Apply and close the NVIDIA Control Panel.

Always according to what NVIDIA says (we are not going to comment on it), with this configuration we will not only manage to run the game at 240 FPS on 240 Hz monitors with the advantage that this implies (there is no tearing, stuttering, etc.), it gives us a competitive advantage.

For starters, we will see our enemies in a more real position than they really are, that is, when going to 240 FPS the image moves more fluidly and does not jump, so it will be easier to aim correctly.

On the other hand, they say that lowering the graphic adjustments removes objects from the stage that produce distractions, although they rather refer to objects that “cover” enemies such as scrubs, as we explained at the beginning. Since the game came out, the players realized this detail and practically all of them play with the graphic adjustments to a minimum, which indirectly will raise their FPS rate in the game itself.

Ultimately, we will be sacrificing graphic quality for a better frame rate per second for a more fluid game that will give us a competitive advantage. And you, do you prefer a game with better graphic quality, or that has a higher FPS rate?