Note 5 ROM with Galaxy S7 Edge features

You can download Samsung Galaxy Note 5 ROM with Samsung galaxy S7 Edge features so that you can have the best of both worlds – stylus functionality and S7 Edge features. This ROM is better than the Note 5 ROM with S6 Edge features as S7 Edge is newer and has better feature list. This ROM is also developed by different ROM developer, evren35 and is more close to Note 5 and S7 Edge stock UI which is a good thing for those who like to keep things simple.

Note 5 ROM with Galaxy S7 Edge features

This Note 5 ROM with Galaxy S7 Edge is deodexed and pre rooted so no need to root Note 5 after installing it. You will however need to have a Note 5 custom recovery onboard in order to flash it as note 5 stock recovery would not allow you to flash custom firmwares like this one. Here is its list of features:

* DEODEXED & Pre-Rooted
* Aroma Installer
* Dual Smart Manager
* RiverROM Rom Controller App
* Knox Free
* Faster Boot
* 5 Way Reboot
* Multi User
* Full Port of S7 Edge Frameworks and fews edited
* S7 Edge TouchWiz
* S7 Edge Edge Panel(People, Qtools, Yahoo news, Tasks, Apps)
* S7 Edge Weather
* S7 Edge SMusic
* S7 Edge SMemo
* S7 Edge Contacs and Dialer
* S7 Edge SHealth
* S7 Edge SPlanner
* S7 Edge SystemUI
* S7 Edge Settings
* S7 Edge Galaxy Apps
* S7 Edge Always On Display **(Currently doesnt work lack of kernel support. )
* S7 Edge Clock
* S7 Edge SVoice
* S7 Edge SetupWizard
* S7 Edge Samsung Account Manager
* S7 Edge Gallery
* S7 Edge MyFiles
* S7 Edge Incall UI
* S7 Edge SBrowser
* S7 Edge Samsung Keyboard
* S7 Edge Email
* First 3 in 1 Sound Mod for MM in XDA {{ Viper4Android + Dolby + Beats Audio}}
* Full Multi Window Support
* App Locker(in Privacy and Safety)
* Floating Messages
* Capture Screen toggle
* Data Usage on Notification Panel
* Outdoor mode ”System > Display”
* Touch key light duration ”System > Display”
* Display scaling option(Standard and Condensed)
* Samsung Members APP
* Removed Microsoft Apps
* Removed Social Apps
* Removed some Google Apps
* CSC Tweaks

Installation instructions:

IF you are NOT rooted, then follow these steps:
* First, flash Galaxy note 5 TWRP via Odin(3.10)
* Boot into TWRP,
* Take a nandroid backup…
* Do Full Wipe {Means; do not select Internal storage} ,
* Flash the, Download rom from here
* Flash a proper kernel ** This step may be different, depends on the kernels’ requirements.

If you are rooted, then follow these steps.
* Place the Rom into internal storage of your device, download rom from here.
* Do Full Wipe,
* Flash the rom, kernel(If needed) and reboot..