Zotac PI220 PI221 specs

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Zotac International, a global manufacturer of technological innovations, is pleased to present the Mini PC Zotac PC Stick small size. Joining the line solutions in the PICO Pocket range, the computer in stick format comes in two models: the ZBOX PI220 and award – winning ZBOX PI221.

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With the space that has increasingly become a luxury, size is a critical factor in determining which is the solution that best suits the needs of each user, which most often means reaching a compromise between size and functionality. The new Zotac ZBOX models PI220 and PI221 come together in the same package the functionality of a full-size computer but having it included in the smallness of a bar. These new mini computers Zotac come equipped with a processor 14nm Intel Cherry Trail type quad core inside the processor, which are well known for the incredible performance and unsurpassed energy efficiency with respect to the processors of the previous generation and any competition.

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The PI220 and PI221 offer the same performance network users could expect from a full-size computer. Both models come equipped with 802.11ac WiFi capacity with external antenna and a Fast Ethernet port full size for an always-on connection. Network connectivity is completed with the use of Bluetooth 4.0, which is also standard.

Zotac is pleased to incorporate into their smaller equipment that provides high-speed USB 3.0. Both PI221 PI220 as they are equipped with a USB 3.0 port, so users can expand the storage space or connect peripherals to increase the functionality of the PC on the fly. As an option, the mini computers come equipped with a slot for memory cards Micro SD / SDHC / SDXC type which have also become a standard feature for fast data transfer and easy expansion of storage capacity.

Both PI221 PI220 as complete systems are ready to go the first time with pre installed memory, storage and operating system. The PI220 is a unit that consumes very little power and is very quiet with an intelligent micro active fan while the PI221 allows quiet operation with a passive cooling solution with no moving parts. Both models offer desktop performance in a way able to fit in a pocket and come with HDMI extension cable for flexible connections.