Deepcool CASTLE 280EX liquid cooler is compatible with 3990X

Deepcool CASTLE 280EX review

AIO liquid coolers continue their tireless fight against high performance heatsinks. The average user is losing his fear of this type of system and his sales are winding down, where they also provide other advantages over heatsinks. In the case of the Deepcool CASTLE 280EX we find greater security measures, a higher dissipation density of its radiator and a new high-performance pump.

The brand’s new products are trying to differentiate themselves from the rest thanks to a system that is gaining popularity: the so – called Anti-leak Tech.

This is nothing more than a Deepcool anti-leak technology that automatically balances the pressure, improving the safety of the AIO.

Of course, this CASTLE 280EX includes it as standard, but it also has other equally interesting features.

With this AIO we are facing a new phase of water pumps for this type of system, since it is powered by a three-phase x-life motor and a pressure load impeller that improve water flow and maintain sound.

Deepcool CASTLE 280EX reviews

In an AIO the increased flow is not only necessary, but has to be optimized to improve the passage through the components. What Deepcool has achieved is to round the corners of its design on the block, which together with the current double chamber improves the total flow and with it the heat efficiency.

In addition, energy loss is minimized and overall noise is reduced by having less liquid turbulence within the system.

Greater number of fins and better fans

Another of the sections where this AIO has been improved is in the number of fins. The most efficient flow is going to be a key section, but it would not be a very decisive improvement in terms of CPU temperature if it does not adapt to the cold plate or vice versa.

Here is the installation guide.

For this reason, the brand has created a new cold plate with 25% more fins, which allows the absorption and contact area of ​​the liquid to be much larger and thus better transmit heat from the IHS to the water, thus improving temperatures.

Being a 280mm AIO, its fans have had to be updated to optimize flow over the radiator. For this reason, Deepcool has installed in this CASTLE 280EX its best 140 mm fans, these being the TF140S, a model with two-layer blades that have been patented by the brand.

Interchangeable logo and ARGB compatibility

We no longer have to have an OLED screen to change the logo of our AIO. Now with the Deepcool CASTLE 280EX a system is included in the block that will allow us to change the logo or install one that we have designed, all in 5 simple steps.

As it could not be otherwise, the lighting system will echo this and show us the logo in 16.7 million colors and with different effects, since it is ARGB.

The connection will be made with the motherboards through a 5V connector and will be compatible with the main brands in the sector and their lighting systems, so we will not have compatibility problems.