Zopo Speed 7 vs Galaxy Note vs Galaxy S6

Zopo Speed 7 is the latest android phone that promises to bring flagship specifications for under 200 dollars. The phone looks as premium as Galaxy S6 and packs massive 13 megapixel camera shooter for taking breath taking pictures. This phone comes unlocked and thus you do not have to enroll yourself into any sort of contract to buy one. Zopo Speed 7 specs include 5 inch display that pack full HD 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, Mediatek MT6753 quad core processor, 5MP front facing camera and 13.2 MP rear camera.


None of the Samsung Galaxy Note series pack dual SIM functionality but the Zopo Speed 7 does and that too, at half of its cost. Moreover it is unlocked for worldwide use so you can use it in any country and any continent. You can buy the Zopo Speed 7 for $199 from gearbest.com. For this price, you are getting octa core processor that is backed by 3 gigabytes of memory that launches applications and games quickly.


This ensures that you do not get drop-frames while playing higher quality games like Need For Speed and Fast and Furious that take the processor to its limits. The internal storage is easily expandable too. All you need to do is slice in that micro SD card to expand its internal storage.


The Zopo Speed 7 packs 4G LTE too which is also present on Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S6 but both of those lack dual SIM functionality. This ensures you are able to browse the web and do downloads at broadband speeds. If you are into bigger screens, then it is worth checking out the bigger brother, Zopo Speed 7 Plus which packs identical specs like its smaller siblings but has 5.5 inch display. Find the entire Zopo phone range at gearbest.com