LG 118 is a great smartwatch for Galaxy Note

LG 118 is a smartwatch that does not cost too much and comes from a manufacture that is popular in making computer peripherals and smartphones from quite some time. Priced at 34.99 dollars, the LG 118 looks great and does the job of a watch and much more. It packs NFC technology that lets you pair your smartphone with just one knock.


LG 118 packs a SIM card that lets you use it as separate phone and you can dial directly from your watch. You can even send and receive messages on it. If you do not want to use it as a phone, you can use the LG 118 to extend the functionality of your phone. You can sync your phonebook, call log, messages and music from your Galaxy Note or another smartphone to your watch.


LG 118 has a nice 1.54 inch touch screen display packing 240 x 240 pixels that is ensures picture quality is high. It comes with sleep monitoring which is a nifty little function that monitors your sleep quality while you are sleeping. Talking about health, you can use it to monitor your health and let you complete your fitness goals. Find the latest deals on LG 118 at gearbest.com.


Other functions included are sound recorder, alarm, calendar and calculator. The material of the LG 118 is high quality and is made of rubber that is super soft and comfortable to wear. There is built in camera that lets you take pictures on the move but if you are interested in taking higher quality pictures, then consider using its remote control phone camera feature to control your smartphone’s camera.

There is a nice anti lost phone where you get a notification in case your phone goes out of 10 meter range. This will ensure that you will never leave your phone behind.