Unboxing of Exynos Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

There are many unboxing of Qualcomm Snapdragon variant of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G but there are none of Exynos variant. Lucky folks of GadgetMix have got hold of an Exynos Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and they have posted an unboxing video of this flagship Android phone.

The phone comes with earphones in the box which are not present in the North American Snapdragon Note 20 Ultra. You get wired AKG USB-C earphones with Exynos Galaxy Note 20 Ultra which is excellent.

Another interesting finding is pre-installed screen protector which is neatly applied on the Exynos Galaxy Note 20 Ultra so the user does not need to buy and protect that expensive screen.

Unfortunately, Samsung does not provide any case in the box like it did with the Galaxy Note 10 / 10+. This is very weird since Note 10 came with both screen guard pre installed as-well-as a transparent case inbox.

Other than pre-installed screen protector and bundled AKG USB-C headphones, there are no differences between in unboxing of Note 20 Ultra’s Snapdragon and Exynos variants.

Unboxing of Exynos Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

It shall be noted that you can get AKG earphones for free from Samsung via their helpline, at least in USA but it is super weird that you need to ask for them, especially when you have spent $1300 on a phone during these pandemic times.