Shuttle DS57U is first fanless PC with Broadwell

After launching Shuttle XH97V and SH97R6 nettops, the company has introduced world first fan less computer with Intel broadwell processor which represents fifth Intel generation. The new Shuttle DS57U incorporates Intel motherboard and processor socket Broadwell BGA  which means that the processor is soldered to the motherboard. The Shuttle DS57U is launched as successor to the Shuttle DS81 and DS47 which occupied exactly 1 liter volume. Its exact dimensions are 20 x 3.95 x 16.5 cm in case someone wants to double check.

Shuttle DS57U review

Shuttle DS57U specifications

The  Shuttle DS57U specifications include Intel Celeron 3205U dual-core processor that runs at 1.5 Ghz with two SO-DIMM sockets to install up to 16 GB of RAM DDR3L memory and a bay which is used to install an SSD / HDD 2.5 “drive with SATA3 interface. The Intel Celeron 3205U is manufactured using 14 nm manufacturing technology and consumes just 15 watts of power.

And since this Intel Broadwell Celeron 3205U CPU does not require active cooling, it runs very quite. is delivered as barebone computer. The retail price for the Shuttle barebone DS57U is about 232 euros (VAT included).