Shuttle DS81 Specs official, on sale in Europe

Shuttle Computer will start shipping the bare bone DS81 mini PC. Processor selection starts from Celeron and goes up to Core i7 with maximum TDP of 65 watts. Motherboard used is Intel H81. There are two connections onboard, display port and HDMI. The new integrated graphics card in the new processor lets you play content even at 4K resolution.

Shuttle DS81 Specs

There are two gigabit Ethernet ports for controlling two serial interfaces RS-232 (1x switchable RS-422/RS-485). On the back of DS81 you will find a link “Remote Power On” which can be connected to a button to power up the device.

In addition to the more powerful processors, the DS81 is capable of supporting a memory of 16 GB DDR3 and an internal 2.5 “(SSD / HDD). Two Mini-PCI-Express slots allow the expansion with additional cards, such as WLAN-or mSATA SSDs.

On the front of the Shuttle mini PC is a SD memory card. Altogether there are eight USB ports, both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 on the front and on the back of the unit. The Shuttle’s recommended price for the DS81 is 218,00 EUR (22% VAT included). An optional accessory WLAN module (WLN-S) with two antennas is also available.