Sandisk Extreme II SSD Review

The Sandisk Extreme II SSD is a SATA 3 drive that is a part of a their move from Sandforce SSD controller to Marvell. Keep in mind that firmware is not the only factor involved in making a particular SSD a success. Other things like nCache speed up things a big deal. Read this review to find out more about it.

Sandisk Extreme II SSD Review test


The nCache allots a small portion of each NAND module to virtual SLC cache where the small 4K writes accumulate. This speeds up read and write speeds by a huge margin.

Where to buy?

It is on sale for Amazon for just $229 ($20 discount included).

Sandisk Extreme II SSD Review

Sandisk Extreme II SSD Benchmarks

Tests were done on a PC with Core i7 3770K processor, with HD 4000 GPU.

1. ATTO Disk benchmark – 551MB/s read and 510MB/s write MB/s
2. Crystal disk benchmark – 527.6 read and 490.1 write MB/s (seq); 34.77 read and 93.83 write (4K).