Replacing PlayStation 5 SSD is not possible

Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft XSX two new generation consoles have been released, and the prices are basically the same. PlayStation 5 will lose a little bit in performance this time, but the SSD performance of PlayStation 5 is higher than XSX. Its speed of 5.5GB/s is higher than that of XSX 2.4GB/s.

PlayStation 5 SSD

SSD soldering on the PCB can reduce the space occupied, but the cost is also a lot to replace it. Without the flexibility of upgrade and replacement, it is not as good as PlayStation 4 in this point.

In addition, there is another problem with the soldered SSD. If the flash memory goes faulty in future, the whole host will be useless. This is the key to the worry of gamers who are planning to purchase the new Sony PlayStation 5 . After all, the host upgrade cycle will take at least 5 years.

Sony has not announced specific information yet, but they compare the Western Digital Black Disk SN750 with a capacity of 1TB, which has a write life of 600TBW, and most players cannot write so much data.

In addition, I would like to say that the 825GB space of PlayStation 5 is for games. After most of the game data is written once, it is mainly read in actual use, and there is no need to write a large amount of data. It is also an advantage.

Finally, the actual measurement data released by Samsung shows that the amount of data written by most people in 5 years is only 166TB, 99% of the players are like this , and 99.7% of the users write data within 600TB, directly writing to the SSD. The possibility is almost negligible.