Ozone Dual FX Review – lightweight and powerful Hi-Res headphones

Ozone Dual FX Review

Today we bring you the analysis of the Ozone Dual FX, the latest headphones that Ozone has launched to the market. These in-ear headphones are designed to be light and comfortable, while offering a lot of functionality and excellent sound quality despite their compact design.

The Ozone Dual FX are in-ear headphones with a 3.5 mm jack connector. The speaker size is 6 mm, but each headset has two speakers, so we have the equivalent of having a 12 mm one. We also have an impedance of 16 ohms, a sensitivity of 107 ± 3 dB, and a frequency between 10 and 40,000 Hz.

This last range is greater than that heard by the human ear, but since there is also part of the sound that comes through bone conduction, some headphones usually include higher frequencies. In addition, it is the minimum spectrum required by the Japanese Audio Society for headphones to receive the Hi-Res certificate, which these headphones have.

Ozone Dual FX Review

As for the rest of the physical characteristics of the headphones, we found a weight of 15.8 grams, a cable length of 1.2 meters, controller for calls, volume and music, as well as several pads whose sizes we will see in the unboxing.

Ozone Dual FX Review – Unboxing and external analysis

The headphone box is quite compact, it comes protected with a plastic. If we remove the plastic, we can slide the protective cardboard to get the headphones.

When opening the box where everything is found, we find the following content:

Hard case for headphones
S, M and L size pads (M are pre-installed)
PC adapter to use headphones and microphone while playing

The carrying case is very compact and rigid, thanks to which we will always keep our headphones safe, and that it has a soft zipper that is a delight to use. As for silicone pads, their exchange is quite simple by pressing at the right point.

The jack connector has a cable that comes out at an angle of 90º, which makes it ideal for use while playing or playing music. In addition, the cable does not have any slack inside the connector, which guarantees that there will not be broken as it happens with other headphones on the market.

Ozone Dual FX Review – Excellent in-ear headphones

The use of the two speakers per headset is undoubtedly very successful. My daily drivers are JVC HA-FX1X, which are in a similar price range, and the difference in sound quality is abysmal. The first thing that stands out in the Dual FX is the power and body that the bass have, almost that it can even make you believe at times that you are wearing on-ear headphones. The media and the highs are fulfilled, having a round sound for headphones that are worth only 25 euros.

Ozone Dual FX Review

Silicone rubber bands are very comfortable and make the headphones fit well inside the ear. In my case I usually wear the smallest size because I have a small ear canal, and this type of headphones often comes out of my ear. With the Dual FX I have not had any exit problem, staying in place even with movement walking down the street. In addition, the insulation is excellent and the sounds of the environment are barely heard.

The inclusion of the cable to use it on PC is a success, since we can use them as gaming headphones wherever we want thanks to have a microphone, so they are ideal for use in a laptop for example. The 90º exit of the cable is very comfortable in laptops and with the mobile if we are using it in front, although it is not so comfortable if we carry the mobile in the pocket.

Going to the buttons, we found a volume slider and a multifunction button. The slider is soft and stays in position, but this can be a point that hundreds of hours of use should show if they last or if they have wear problems. At the moment everything looks like it is quite durable. If we leave it in the highest position, the volume will be at maximum, while at the lowest the sound will be muted. This will allow us to adjust the volume quickly if we are playing on a laptop and we have to use FN commands to adjust it.

As for the microphone, the sound is very clear and the voice is perfectly heard, even when we have them hanging and we are not speaking directly to the microphone as we do with gaming headphones, since the microphone is omnidirectional. Of course, we will have to slightly increase the gain so that we can hear the voice with a power similar to a headset.

With regard to the button above the slider, it will allow us to perform many functions. In music playback mode, a single touch will pause or continue music playback. If we press it twice, it will go to the next song. If we press it three times, it will go to the previous song. In the case of receiving a call, we can pick up and hang up by pressing the button once, as well as we can reject the call if we press the button. Between the slider and the button we find the microphone hole.

Finally, as a more mundane aspect, the cable has an elliptical design, so that it does not tangle and we can unwind them easily after having them stored.

Ozone Dual FX Review – Conclusion

Ozone has launched a winning headset this October. The Ozone Dual FX is an excellent purchase, in addition to coming with accessories and a high quality carrying case. When we received the sample we did not know the price, thinking that for its quality and what they included it could cost even 50 euros. What was our surprise to see that its price is 24.90 euros, which makes these headphones a 100% recommended purchase without doubt. Thanks to these Ozone Dual FX we will have comfortable, durable headphones with impeccable sound quality.


Great sound quality
Hard case and cable for use on the PC included
Good quality of materials


Slider for the volume.

Therefore, the Ozone Dual FX receive our gold medal, and our recommendation for its performance and its quality / price ratio.

Its launch date is for the same month of October, for a price of 24.90 euros.