Can you play games on Intel HD 620 and HD 630? What games work at 60 FPS with these Intel HD 620/630?

Intel HD 620 and HD 630 games

The Intel HD 620 and HD 630 are the integrated graphics that incorporate the vast majority of Intel processors, especially in laptops and, although they can be used to play, logically they do not have the same performance as a dedicated graphics card from AMD or NVIDIA. However, what games are capable of moving at 60 FPS ? Let’s see it in this article.

Needless to say, if you have a computer equipped with an Intel HD 620 or HD 630 graphics card, you can not expect to play on top of practically nothing, so what we are going to focus on is configurations to achieve the desired 60 FPS of average but, as is logical, relaxing the graphic settings and resolution. Thus, most of the tests have been performed at a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels and with graphic settings in low or medium. The processor used has been an Intel Core i5-7200U accompanied by 8 GB of RAM in dual channel.

After seeing the table we have developed, with the aim of obtaining the 60 FPS mentioned above, it is clear that we will have to settle for low resolutions and reduced graphic adjustments, because neither the Intel HD 620 nor the Intel HD 630 are able to move any game current at full HD resolution, with graphical adjustments to the maximum, and 60 stable FPS.

At this point we enter the usual situation: users who want to use their PC to play must be aware that they will have to invest more money to acquire a computer with dedicated graphics (in the case of laptops) or to buy a Intel or AMD graphics card in the case of the desktop or, otherwise, can say goodbye to play properly.

Of course, these Intel HD 620 and HD 630 can be enough for users who want to invest the least money and will only play sporadically, without looking for 60 FPS (because these graphics can run the mentioned games at higher resolutions or graphic adjustments but, as is evident, with a much lower FPS) or those who like to have to play at lower resolution or with low graphic settings.

The conclusion that we draw, and answering the question is that no, they are not graphics that are worth playing. If you want to use the equipment to play, you should consider purchasing a computer with a dedicated graphics card, or your gaming experience will not be satisfactory at all.