Download Official Debloated LG G2 ROM: AT&T LG G2 debloat

Download Official Debloated LG G2 ROM

Folks at xda have churned out a debloated, bloat free version of the official lollipop ROM for the LG G2. This ROM is only for the d800 aka AT&T version of LG G2. The ROM contains no extra mods and no customization. The idea of this was to create an official debloated LG G2 ROM for the AT&T users.

The only bug is that when one tries to add a ringtone using setting menu, settings crashes. Use 3rd party program to set sound.

To flash it, you will need latest version of TWRP for ATT LG G2. Here is the process on how to do it.

1) First, you need any version of TWRP installed and working:
I’d recommend using Autorec to get initial TWRP running.
This is the link for KK:….php?t=2715496
There is also an apk for lollipop, this is much preferred! (Google is your friend.)
You can use any number of other methods to get some version of TWRP installed and running.
2) Once you have a working TWRP, simply flash this zip to upgrade to latest version which is v3.0.2-1
If you flash the image directly, the panel detection script will not run!
(This is only important if you have a jdi LCD panel.)

Now installation of the ROM:

Do a full wipe in TWRP custom recovery. Download the ROM from following link and put it into internal storage. Go back to TWRP and flash the ZIP file. Zip is not signed and you may see a warning so just ignore and flash it. This zip flashes everything you need for the ROM to work correctly.