Moto X 2014: Remove Warning message for unlocked bootloader

If you have installed CWM and rooted your Moto X 2014 smartphone, you have already unlocked your device’s bootloader. You must also be getting unlocked boot loader warning message. To remove it you can override it with the one that hides it.

To do that follow these steps:

First download the file from here. Then flash it using ADB:

fastboot flash logo logo.bin

We flashed it and it worked perfectly on our Moto X 2014 phone. Please try it on your own risk and if you do not have any idea of what the above command does, simply do not even try it on your phone.

Moto X 2014 Remove Warning message for unlocked bootloader

We know the warning message irritates you but if you have no idea what the ADB is, then you should not be typing those commands in the CMD prompt.