Huawei W1-100 disassembly procedure and service manual

We have got our hands on the service manual of the Huawei W1-100 that explains the entire disassembly procedure step by step including how to replace the display and digitizer. Other important features of the manual include the ability to restore the phone by flashing official firmware.

Huawei W1-100 disassembly

Here is its feature list.

* Product Overview
* Applicable Scope and Precautions
* Exploded View
* PCBA Components
* Software Upgrade
* Maintenance Tools
* Disassembly Procedure
* Assembly Procedure
* Principles and Failure Analysis

The Huawei W1 used to be the cheapest windows phone 8 smartphone and was sold for mere 100 pounds at O2. It came with 4 inch display, WVGA resolution and Snapdragon 1GHz processor. For storage you got meager 4GB flash which was fortunately expandable via micro SD card slot.