HP Pavilion Mini Broadwell specifications and availability

The HP Pavilion Mini 300 is palm sized and runs Windows perfectly. That little thing has received a nice update where the company has upgraded it to Broadwell a k a 5th generation Intel processor. We have spotted two models online, first is the HP Pavilion Mini 300-130 and second is Mini 300-150.

HP Pavilion Mini Broadwell specifications

The first one comes with Intel Core i3-5005U processor and 4GB of RAM while the second model dons a Intel Core i5-5200U chip and 8GB of RAM. These are very tiny, measuring just 145 × 146 × 53mm and weighing 640 grams. Find Core i3 5005u passmark score. These broadwell processors emit very little heat and this has allowed manufactures like HP and Shuttle to churn out fanless PCs with powerful processors.

While they are so tiny, HP has managed to equip them with lot of ports and jacks that include four USB 3.0 ports, a media card carder, display port, LAN, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and HDMI port. Japan tech blog cross-coretech says HP Pavilion Mini Broadwell runs windows 8.1 and will get a free upgrade to windows 10. We suggest holding off till July 29 because HP will be selling them with windows 10 pre loaded after W10 release.