How to recycle your old gaming laptop in UK

So you have just bought a shiny new gaming laptop. Great but what do you plan to do with the old gaming laptop that you bought seven years back in UK? The simplest thing you can do is throwing it into the trash can and forget that it ever existed. However you can do something that will benefit environment and you too. How to recycle your old gaming laptop in UK?

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There are certain companies that let you recycle an old and cheap gaming laptop under 500 UK and other parts of England. Recycling is important as gaming laptops have myriad toxic materials inside and they harm the environment if not disposed in proper way. But certain companies extract the working parts of these machines and reuse them in new ones.

Recycling old gaming laptop in UK: In most cases it is financially rewarding too as many online recycling sites pay you for your old gaming laptop. There are some in the UK and some operate in entire European Union. I don’t know how they will operate post-Brexit but for now, all of them are ready to dispose off your old laptop in UK. Most of them offer you an instant online quote and some even pay you the shipping costs. If your gaming laptop does not switch on, then it does not mean that no part of is in non-working state. Many parts are still very much functional and these companies can pay you for them.

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Before you send them in, make sure you wipe off all the personal information. While some companies offer to do that for you, you should delete them yourself. The best way to do that is fully overwriting the hard drive by heavy files. After that reinstall the operating system and if you own a Macbook Pro, you can clone the OS data easily.

So why to recycle an old gaming laptop for money? Well the main reason is if you don’t, they will end up in third world countries where the poor workers will put the gaming laptops in acid to extract the parts having gold in them. This process is extremely harmful for the environment. If you send them to reputed and regulated-by-law companies you will be ensured that they will dispose off the materials of your gaming laptop properly and in most environment-friendly way.