How to Overclock HTC Desire C?

HTC Desire C is a zippy phone, but in some apps, one might find its performance, well, a bit lethargic. In such situations, you might want to overclock your Desire C. There are several overclocking apps available in the Play Market. For example: I am using setCPU app to control clock frequency of CPU in my Desire C.

htc desire c overclock

Here are the clock speeds I recommend using on your HTC Desire C.

122mhz-3xxmhz in sleep mode
806mhz-806mhz when charging
122mhz-4xxmhz from 2.00AM to 8.00AM
2xxmhz-806mhz when doing tasks in sleep mode such as titanium backup.

To enable overclocking, you will need a custom ROM and a custom kernel. Copy the newest nameless firmware to your SD card. [download link]

htc nameless rom desire c

Install the ROM as normal

When it says reboot after installation is finished, uncheck that box and go back into recovery. Then, on the main recovery screen there will be a reboot into fastboot, click that. Note: have your computer plugged into your phone before this, because it will connect better. Next on your computer find the nameless rom package open it and find a folder called, "Kernel_boot_img".

My advice is to try the 767mhz kernel first, see if your phone boots if it does try the 806mhz after, if it also boots you have a high over clocked phone. You will need to flash the boot.img as normal (fastboot flash boot boot.img), whatever kernel it is (767, or 806mhz) And don’t forget the wipe the cache after installing the new kernel as this could cause problems to fix this use this command, "Fastboot wipe cache" then followed by "fastboot reboot" then your phone should reboot.


Don’t flash both kernels at one time, it will not work like that try one at a time to see if it boot with success. If it doesn’t boot with one of the kernels, then try the other one most phone work with the 767mhz kernel, while others work with the 806mhz SIM unlock HTC Desire C read our how to.

* Bootloader unlocked
* CWM recovery

Features of the Nameless ROM
Overclockable upto 806Mhz
Rooted With SuperSU
Busybox Installed
Deodexed app and framework
Choose between Themed or StockUI, Icons themeable
Full Transition Animations
3D Cube Sense Tabs
Fast GPS Lock
Ads blocked
All Apps Updated
Full Beats Profiles, HTC Audio Enhancement
Advance Power Menu and Quick Settings
HTC Google Spyware removed
Sony Xloud
EGL tweak
Auto brightness tweak
Long press media volume/headset skip tracks mod
Changeable backgrounds on rosie and systemui