Gfycat Minute-Long GIF Support Added

Gfycat has added a new GIF feature that promises to transform how we share short form content: longer GIFs that fully capture product demos, gamer reels, tutorials, and DIYs. Until now, the Gfycat supported only 15 seconds GIF which was not enough most of the time. The company listened to its customers and has added support for minute-long GIFs now.

Gfycat Minute-Long GIF

So, now the users do not have crop or speed up their highlights, or find other ways to “hack” Gfycat’s 15-second limit. Users begged and pleaded for longer GIFs to fully capture their moments of glory. In response, Gfycat decided to roll out one-minute GIF support so gamers could create better highlight reels, makeup artists could create better DIY videos, and chefs could better demonstrate their recipes.

Richard Rabbat, Gfycat CEO said

Gaming is a 91 billion dollar industry, and obviously we want to ensure that gamers bring out their inner creator through the tools we provide to make the best possible content. The short video has become a core part of how we interact today, whether that’s in the form of a GIF, a snap, or an Instagram video, what we’re witnessing is a seismic shift in communication.