Galaxy Note 4 camera ported to S4

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 camera has been ported to the Galaxy S4 and it brings a lot of new features to the two year old phone. However some functions like selective focus and selfie mode with front camera do not work due to hardware restrictions. Fortunately, camera, Video Recording, front cam all main features are working. HDR also works.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 camera S4

Install Galaxy Note 4 camera on Galaxy S4

1. Download Note 4 camera from here!ulp0STrZ!pAbIhx…nGJPQzYd_KrbUo
2. Flash via recovery
3. Wait until it optimize around 10 apps
4. Open the camera and you’ll see that it’s crash. Reopen it.
5. Tap on Mode, slide down and open "Manage mode"
6. Unselect "Shot and More" and "Selective Focus"
7. Enjoy your new camera.

So now you can enjoy Note 4 camera along with Note 4 launcher and settings on your S4.