DuckDuckGo to censor pro-Russian portals

DuckDuckGo was created to protect search engines from tracking their users. It was all about freedom, until today. We not pro- or anti-Russian but feel this is wrong. Today, at DuckDuckGo, the CEO Gabriel Weinberg announced they will be churning out updates that will down rank websites associated with so-called Russian disinformation.


We are all adults and can very much decide what information can affect us. Also, not only DuckDuckGo will be down-ranking websites associated with so-called disinformation, but will also be placing news modules and information boxes at the top of search results where they are seen and clicked the most to highlight quality information for rapidly unfolding topics.

People are not too happy with their decision.

In founder’s own words, DuckDuckGo’s mission is to make simple privacy protection accessible to all. Privacy is a human right and transcends politics, which is why about 100 million people around the world use DuckDuckGo. He added he doesn’t have an exact count since they don’t track people.

Jay Ray said on twitter, “Can anyone recommend a search engine that is like the old Duck Duck Go?   This just ruined it for me. SMH

MagooAnon said, “Why would you take a once-good-thing and totally ruin it? Now I have to look for another engine… WHY? This is hugely disappointing. You’ve lost a customer for sure.

PlatinumSyzygy said, “You realize NOT doing that was the ONLY reason 90% your user base used the product, right?

So why the anger? Well, people want neutral search engine that does not filter results on its own whim.