Doom 2 will have Battle Royale for 64 players thanks to this mod

Retrodex Gaming, an independent developer, has managed to create a mod that will add a Battle Royale mode to the popular Doom 2 action game. This new mod will allow creating multiplayer games for a maximum of 64 players simultaneously, with bots present so that users can play when there are few users on the server for the game.

doom 2 2018

Doom 2: Hell on Earth was one of the first commercial successes of id Software, having been released on the market during the year 1994. In fact, the game became such a popular one, that it was on the list of best-selling games for quite a few years. One feature that made Doom 2 different from other games on the market at that time was its ability to play with another user, using the connection through the telephone line. Feature that later was extended with support for the game in LAN.

Years ago the source code of this game was released, allowing the appearance of a myriad of mods, designed to complement and increase the capabilities of the original game with new features, which has allowed its popularity to have extended over time. Some mods such as Zandronum, which is the basis of the mod we are talking about, is especially oriented to expand the multiplayer functionality that already had the original Doom 2.

To create your mod of the game Doom 2, Doom Royale (with cheese), the developer has chosen to take three of the original Doom game scenarios, and join them all, so that an immense set is created, where the 64 players will be, plus 8 bots against which players can play on the occasions that enter the server to cast a game, and there are not many users against whom to do it. This inclusion is a detail for those users who like to enter at odd hours to play.

It should also be noted that this mod of Doom 2 is still in the testing phase by its developer, although the previous video will serve to make you an idea of ​​what he is trying to achieve with his mod. For the moment, the developer has declared that the base map is already complete and functional to be able to play with it and that, when the mod is finished, they will hang it on their own servers. Not only this, but they will also hang the necessary WAD file with the mod, so that the players themselves can act as host, along with the necessary adjustments so that the mod can work.