Difference between Moto G Play and Moto E3 Power: Moto G Play vs Moto E3 Power

Moto G Play vs Moto E3 Power

Motorola has been on a role lately launching two new android phones in India week after week on two of the most popular e-commerce websites out there, amazon.in and flipkart. Today we will be discussing differences between Moto G Play vs Moto E3 Power which were launched on amazon and flipkart respectively.

Moto G Play vs Moto E3 Power

Display: Both feature identical display and size. 5 inches, HD display and identical PPI of 294. Both also have water repellent nano coating. However, Moto G Play adds Gorilla Glass 3 so less prone to scratches and more durable glass.

Processor: Moto G Play has well known Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor which is one of the best CPUs out there and is already being used in most-well known handsets out there. The Moto E3 Power has Mediatek MT6735P processor. Now while both are quad cores, the Moto G Play will feel zippier as it runs at 1.2GHz clock speed and Moto E3 Power runs at 1GHz.

Moto G Play vs Moto E3 Power

Battery size: Moto E3 Power has whopping 3500 mAh battery which is its main selling feature. While Moto G Play still has respectable 2800 mAh, its battery runtimes will no way be same as Moto E3 Power. However the fact that Moto G Play has removable battery is big enough reason to go for G Play. Battery depletes quickly after an year of use and it makes sense to have a phone with removable battery as you will be able to change battery on your own at home.

Jio compatibility: Both are Jio compatible VoLTE phones so you will have no trouble using them over the Reliance Jio network and you will be able to enjoy features like HD voice calling easily.

Custom ROMs: Until now, Motorola never used Mediatek chipsets in their phones and this is the first time, it is being used in Moto E3 Power. This means no custom ROMs, no patches – basically a buy and throw phone with little to no updates in future. If you want a future proof phone, consider getting the Moto G Play.