Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge as a laptop replacement

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is a great phone and truly a masterpiece. In this article, we will see if we can use it to replace a laptop. Galaxy S6 packs an in-house octa-core processor that delivers stunning performance. This CPU is backed by 3GB RAM and healthy 32GB of onboard storage. If you want to use it replace a laptop, you will have to buy a MHL cable. You will also need to buy Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and of course, a computer display.


Now keep in mind that while Galaxy S6 Edge packs more than enough power to double as laptop, it is good only for doing basic tasks. If you are into hardcore gaming, you will be better off buying a laptop with discrete graphics as onboard GPU of S6 won’t cut it. Laptops with discrete graphics in Italy and Europe start at around 1000 euros. Discrete graphics is also required if you are into video editing, audio editing and anything that is a graphic intensive task.

But if you are planning to use it as a laptop that is going to be used just for doing web surfing then the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge will fine. It will also work fine as multimedia laptop as it runs YouTube even in 4k like a charm. Same can be said about the locally stored movie clips.

However we must admit that it is very fragile too and its sides catch scratches pretty easily. That is why it makes sense to invest in a bumper cover. Do not fret as we will not tell you to spend hundreds of dollars on a bumper. You can buy a cheap bumper called Nillkin Bumper for Galaxy S6 Edge for mere 5.78 dollars from an online store and most of them includes free shipping as well. It comes in variety of colors including, silver (my favorite), orange, red and blue. It is ultra thin and light and adds marginal thickness and weight to the already-so-light S6 Edge.


The Nillkin Bumper has super precise openings so that you are able to charge and connect the device to your computer or charger without any problem. It has several anti collision areas that prevent the device from getting damaged. On the bottom, there are openings for earphone, charging port and speakers, so even your sound is not muffled when you put on this case on your S6 Edge.


Since the case is designed higher than the screen, it reduces the friction of the screen and back shell which is very important as S6 Edge has glass on both sides. Installing the Nillkin Bumper for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is very easy. There are no screws involved. Just put it on your phone like a typical case and that is it. This is because it is more like a TPU case with no back. The screen of the S6 Edge is super expensive to repair, so it makes sense in investing money in a good bumper case that does not spoils the look of the phone and a the same time, keeps it well protected from bumps.

So there you go – if you are planning to use your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge as a laptop replacement, then it would be wise to use a case to prevent it from getting scratched. Also, you will be better off buying a gaming laptop as it lacks discrete graphics.