Crucial P1: new cheap NVMe SSDs with up to 2TB of storage

Crucial P1 review

The manufacturer of solid storage units, Crucial, has just presented its new Crucial P1 SSD models. These new models have been designed to use the PCIe bus on the motherboard, so they have been developed following the M.2 form factor. With this, they become perfect units to replace the solid storage units of thin laptops.

If there is a solid storage segment, where Crucial had not been greatly lavished, that is the M.2 slot storage. In fact, the announcement of its first NVMe SSDs date from mid-2016. It is still curious for a brand that, with its economic series, has received very favorable reviews from the specialized press and from the users who buy these units. Especially, its MX series, where its 500 GB model is a best seller.

The new Crucial P1 will arrive, initially, available in two capacities : 500 GB and 1 TB. The 2TB model should reach the market by February of next year. All the models mount on their PCB, 3D NAND Flash memory of type QLC manufactured by Micron (we can not forget that Crucial is the trademark of the manufacturer of memories, Micron).

The arrival of QLC-type SSDs on the market is somewhat slower than expected, given that it is a technology whose large-scale manufacturing is still beginning. Besides, this type of technology requires greater precision on the part of the voltage controllers for the memory cells. Even so, Crucial is so sure of these new SSDs that all models are backed by a 5-year limited warranty. They are also supplied with the Acronis True Image HD software, free of charge

The new Crucial P1 will be very fast SSD, thanks to being able to use the PCIe bus of the motherboard where they are mounted, through the M.2 slot. In fact, the new SSDs are capable of reaching up to 2000 MB / s in sequential reading, and 1700 MB / s in sequential writing for the 1 TB model (the 500 GB model has speeds of 1900 MB / s in reading). and 950 MB / s in writing).

However, a very important point that these new Crucial P1 SSDs will have is their sale price. Given that the model of 500 GB will cost 118.07 euros, while the TB model will cost 236.15 euros.