Core i7-7700K specs leaked

Core i7-7700K specs were leaked. Through the database software benchmarks SiSoft SANDRA has leaked what will be the next processor Intel “Kaby Lake” Core i7-7700K , a processor of four cores and eight threads of a process that will form the top end of the processors “normal” desktop (not extreme) Intel for its next generation.

Core i7-7700K specs

Just just landed on the market the sixth generation of Intel Core processors and the company has already prepared the seventh generation, named Kaby Lake. The Intel Core i7-7700K is the flagship of this ship for its range of desktop, and so we can see in the database SiSoft SANDRA it is a quad-core processor with hyperthreading (eight processing threads) will work base to 3.6 Ghz and 4.2 Ghz will reach in Turbo Boost mode.

When compared with the current Core i7-6700K, operating at 4 GHz base and 4.2 GHz in Turbo mode, in principle we found no gain but quite the opposite, but be aware that the model that has appeared in this 7700K database is certainly an engineering sample just like the Intel Core i7 6950x that went on sale on Ebay and was an engineering sample as well.

BMI of i7-7700K work at 4 GHz, and integrated graphics core will have 24 execution units, like the current Skylake-D. The cache configuration would also be the same, with 256 KB L2 per core memory and 8 MB shared L3 memory. The “Kaby Lake” chip will be manufactured, also with the process 14 nanometer Intel, and logically because the data are quite similar to the current generation is to understand that the improvement will be in energy efficiency (we face a processor Core i7 with only 65W TDP?).

In any case, it seems logical to think that Kaby Lake use the same Intel LGA1151 socket that Skylake, and in theory be compatible with the 100 series of chipsets if we stick to the tick-tock process that Intel has been following many generations already. However, it is expected that the 200 series of chipsets accompany the launch of Kaby Lake when it occurs.