Antec P9 Window specs: new BBB box from Antec

Antec P9 Window specs

Antec has announced the launch of a new addition to its catalog of boxes Performance family, Antec P1 Window. With a lot like Corsair Obsidian 750D of, with modular and capable of accommodating interior design high – end hardware , it incorporates P1 Window insulation sound systems and will sell for a price that will be around 80 euros.

With the P1 Window, Antec has tried to combine a sleek design with great functionality and versatility. To begin with, as mentioned before has a modular interior in which we can put on and remove the racks for hard disks according to our needs, being able this box to house the hardware higher-end graphics cards, power supplies and heat sinks processor of any size.

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The Antec Window P1 incorporates sound insulating panels in the front area and the right side. The left side of the box is dominated by a large window that lets you view all internal hardware, but despite the window and insulation systems noise is a box that stands out for its good cooling, since it includes two front fans for get fresh indoor air, with filters anti removable dust from the side, a rear fan and, at the top, incorporates three mounting points fans where you can install a radiator liquid cooling up to 360 mm in length.

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Antec is expected to P1 Window is available in stores starting this month of May at a price which will be around 80 euros (the have already announced in England at a price of 69.99 pounds sterling).