Asus FX553 VD VE Overheating Problem solution


If you own a Asus FX553 VD or VE and find the laptop running incredibly hot, we have a solution for your problem. But first we need to understand why the Asus FX553 runs so hot. The main reason is the fact it comes with a standard voltage processor which has a tendency to run so hot. However, there is a limit to everything and if the temperature crosses a limit, the laptop will turn itself off.

Many users of Asus FX553 laptop say that the processor reaches as high as 88 degrees Celsius and GPU reaching as high as 80 degrees. Excessive heat is not good for either graphics card or the processor and can significantly reduce the lifespan of your Asus FX553 laptop.

Even if you take your Asus FX553 to service center, they would not do anything other than applying some simple thermal paste here and there.

There is a solution to overheating problem though – by buying the IC Diamond thermal paste, the laptop’s temperature will go down considerably. This means you will have open the laptop to get access to the motherboard where you will find both the processor and graphics card. Applying some IC Diamond solves this problem.