ZTE Grand S EXT Press Image Leaks Ahead Of Official Announcement

A new Android smartphone from ZTE, Grand S EXT has just made an appearance before its official announcement on a global design directory website Reddot 21. Grand S EXT is made using nano molding technology that allows plastic to be injected directly into a metal such as aluminum.

ZTE Grand S EXT Press Image Leaks Ahead Of Official Announcement

This allows the manufacture to combine the strength of metal and plastic which lets you create complicated shapes while keeping the overall weight minimum. Usually the chassis and plastic parts are combined by latching which makes them a single whole solid. This increases the overall weight and cost of production.

About nano molding technology

With NMT (nano molding technology), the metal surface is stretched followed by plastic which is injected into it. Rest of the parts are applied directly into the shell.

ZTE Grand S EXT Specifications are not yet known

No information is available but judging from the specifications of previous Grand S models, it would come with improved specs. The Grand S II comes with 5.5 inch display, full HD resolution, quad core Snapdragon 800 processor by Qualcomm and 2 gigabytes of RAM. The Grand S EXT would have even better specifications than it.

via red dot 21