Which 2015 tablet is best for gaming?

Sometimes it is best to give a simple answer first and then to explain the reasons. The best 2015 tablet for gaming is the EVGA Tegra Note 7. It is the fastest seven inch tablet in the world, it has just about the best battery life of any tablet which means you can watch at least 10 hours of HD video between charges, and it has one of the most vivid displays out there. What’s more, and possibly the most astounding thing about this tablet, is that it costs just £140. At that price it is worth buying it even if your idea of gaming is playing a simple game like Candy Crush or Subway Surfers.

The 3DMark Ice Storm bench test on the Tegra Note 7 is an outstanding 16,000 which is the highest of any tablet currently on the market; the higher the 3DMark the faster the CPU and GPU and subsequently the better the gaming performance. By comparison the DMark of the Apple iPad mini with retina display is 14,300 and the DMark of the Apple iPad Air is 14,800. This means even if you are into heavy duty stuff is using your tablet with a projector, you can count of The Tegra Note 7 tablet. These days a lot of people have started using the tablet with a projector. There is no need to carry a laptop if all you are planning to do is project content on to a wall using a projector http://www.gearbest.com/projector/pp_3254.html. There are many different kinds of projectors – some are small and very portable. While others are big and massive and are really not very portable. You can go here for more products. When you consider that the current retail prices on these are £319 and £479 respectively, you can see that there really isn’t any other choice for a gaming tablet than the Tegra Note 7.


The Asus Transformer Pad TF701T is the second best Android tablet http://www.gearbest.com/ for gaming with a 3DMark of around 14,100 and both the Samsung galaxy Note 10.1 clocks in at 13,77. The Google Nexus 7, which is undoubtedly a great all-round tablet at a reasonable price and has a 3DMark of just 10,500. If you are curious how these bench tests compare to dedicated gaming consoles or PC’s, the 3DMark of the Alienware M17 is 60,000; four times that of the Tegra. If you want to check how fast your current device is, you can download the 3DMark Ice Storm app and check for yourself.