Vu SuperMac TV Launched, Comes Pre-Loaded with Apple OS X

Vu has announced the launch of first TV built-in Mac Mountain Lion X Operating System. Powered by the futuristic technologies of Apple, the Vu SuperMac TV is slated to be the first advanced computer-television integration. In other words, you can use it as replacement to a Mac PC or as an additional Mac device.

Vu SuperMac TV

Vu SuperMac comes in four different sizes – 84”, 65”, 55” and 50”. Here are the prices.

Vu 84” SuperMac TV – Rs. 9,75,000 (USD 16223)
Vu 65” SuperMac TV – Rs. 2,75,000 (USD 4575)
Vu 55” SuperMac TV – Rs. 1,85,000 (USD 3078)
Vu 50” SuperMac TV – Rs. 1,37,000 (USD 2279)

Unlike Mac, the biggest advantage of the Vu SuperMac TV is that, it eliminates glossiness with its A+ Grade Matt panel and provides actual output of graphics, designs or videos. The Vu SuperMac TV comes with an HD4000 Graphic Card. Along with the processor; the Vu SuperMac TV can be customized with desired frames and touch screen options.

Expensive – yes but then there is no other TV in India to offer Mac OS X built in.